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Who We Are

Established in July 2012, ReproART is the Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine, dedicated to assisting individuals and couples on their journey toward parenthood. Specializing in all aspects of female and male infertility, our clinic offers comprehensive fertility solutions, including advanced techniques such as IVF/ICSI. We are the biggest IVF Center in Georgia. In 2014, the clinic welcomed its branches in Kutaisi and Batumi.


Founder, Director

ReproART was founded by Lika Chkonia who has the most extensive experience with in vitro fertilization in Georgia (30 years) and 8 years of working in IVF Clinics in US: Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Norfolk, Virginia, USA and OFRM (Offices for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine NY, NY, USA).


Director of Clinical Science

David H. McCulloh (PhD/H.C.L.D./C.C), Assistant Laboratory Director at New York University’s Fertility Center, is Scientific Director at ReproART. Dr. McCulloh, the author of numerous academic works, has been professionally involved in IVF since 1978 and with ReproART since its inception.

Our Patients Are Happy!

From the Australian Outback to the heart of ReproART Clinic, meet Sarah and Jack – a couple who turned fertility challenges into a triumph.

Struggling for years, they found hope and expert care at ReproART. Today, cradling their little one, they share a story of resilience and love.

Their journey, once filled with uncertainty, is now a beacon of hope for others. Miracles do happen, especially at ReproART Clinic.

Our patient shares her heartfelt story. A fertility journey filled with hope, gratitude, and the joy of parenthood. Discover how ReproART clinic made her dream a reality.

Our Patients

I chose Reproart for my IVF journey and I couldn’t be more happy to have done so. Everyone at the clinic, from receptionist to patient coordinator to doctor to nurse were professional and friendly and truly interested in making my dream of having a child come true.


Reliable and professional IVF clinic and surrogacy agency. Best experience In Georgia!

Law Surfer

Me and my husband had a very pleasant IVF & Surrogacy experience at ReproART. The staff is very professional and nice. Dr.Tea is amazing and we will be forever grateful to her for our little Lilly. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone.

Jade Huang

We’re so happy we chose Reproart clinic to work with. It is the best IVF clinic with the best team.

Anna N

Great place, nite and clean , modern style, great staffs, amazing Doctors, my cycle was successful from first try! have a beautiful 5 years old girl!!

Liana Shestakova

In Georgia surrogacy is available for heterosexual couples, who are married for at least one year or are co-living for at least one year.





In Georgia, surrogacy is accessible to heterosexual couples who have been married for a minimum of one year or have cohabited for at least one year. Notably, on June 12th, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili proposed an initiative to prohibit surrogacy for international parents, effective January 1, 2024. While ongoing debates continue in the Georgian parliament, the most recent update indicates that discussions may resume in the first half of 2024, with no immediate changes anticipated before then.

Given this timeline, we wish to reassure intended parents that Reproart is presently accepting new programs without any delays. We strongly encourage intended parents to commence their surrogacy journey at their earliest convenience. Doing so allows enough time to be matched with a surrogate before potential changes take effect and ensures a seamless progression through the medical processes.

In anticipation of potential surrogacy restrictions in Georgia in the coming months, Reproart is ready to extend support to current and future intended parents by establishing a new branch in Armenia if surrogacy gets banned in Georgia. The surrogacy laws in Armenia closely align with those in Georgia, offering an alternative option for program completion should regulations change in Georgia in 2024.